Are You Ready?

Are you ready

Are You Ready? I know it’s been a while since I was in the thick of things with Stampin’ Up! I had a thriving business that I loved. Customers at my home weekly, online presence gaining strength and a team I was oh so proud of (still am.) 

Can’t lie it has been a rough 4 years. My dad passed away November 2019, March 2020 covid struck and June 2020, my brother in law passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 56.  Life as I knew it had all been rocked. What was once easy became hard. What I loved to do was taken from me, People were not coming over, people were not being social and I was so lost.


Moving forward, my business took a major hit. Can’t hide it, won’t sugar coat it either. Stampin’ friends that I would see weekly, monthly or yearly at convention or leadership in person now were virtual. Incentive trips not earned because my motivation, what filled my cup was not being refilled. Classes at my home small in attendance. People not crafting like they once were. Posting to my website just wasn’t coming easy like it once did.

I sat in my craftroom numerous nights feeling lonely. I identified what made me sad, depressed or even wanting me to throw in the towel. But how? I have been a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator for 20 years come this November. Some of the best times of my life are because I am a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. NO MORE EXCUSES and definitely NOT GIVING UP! Not once have my friends, family, customers or SU! told me, “Yeah maybe it’s time to let go.” Each time it was completely the opposite.


In my heart, I love being a demonstrator. I would be lost without the creativity outlet SU! provides for me and what I love to do. I love creating, I love sharing, I love having people here and I LOVE traveling to events. The relationships I have now because of Stampin’ Up! could never be replaced. All of the things I have mentioned (product, events, networking, training) are available to each and every one who wants to be a part of Stampin’ Up!. I will be here too! To help you every step of the way whether it’s a hobbyist level or a business builder level. Together we will build making Second Street Stampers an even greater team! It truly is an amazing company to be a part of. I can’t wait to rebuild and grow. 


Demo 2003


The Past 20 Years:

The past 20 years I have stepped out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion because of this company. I was a mom to 2 young boys (now 3) and working part-time at a local hospital (still there too!) The moment I was introduced to the product, I fell in love with it. My whole life I have been a matchy matchy person and Stampin’ Up! was amazing at coordinating product! I smiled, I laughed, I got to scrapbook memories of my children and I got to share it with friends and strangers who quickly became friends. My friends encouraged me to join. It was a lot of money back then – $300 starter kit with limited substitutions and then another amount for business supplies! But my husband said go for it and I did just that. It was a struggle finding people to craft. I was a little timid in sharing my scrapbook pages with others. Yes, in the beginning it was strictly scrapbooking for me. The internet and social media were not as advanced as it is today. Strictly email and word of mouth. 

Things changed when I brought a scrapbook into the ER to share with a coworker who scrapbooked. People gathered around and loved my work and then wanted to create the same for their children. I was overwhelmed with the excitement from others! The same lady, Mary Jo, asked me if I wanted to be a vender at a school PTA fundraiser. I had ZERO idea what a crop was but I said ok. This was a pivotal moment. Up I went to that school, totally green to this crop idea and there I was in a school cafeteria with all these women scrapbooking. I had never seen anything like it. I looked around, walked the room, saw so many ways to scrapbook that I had no idea existed. I set up my tables with my catalogs, order forms, cards, scrapbooks, etc and people approached me. They wanted to know about Stampin’ Up! I booked numerous at home parties that day and my business was slowly growing!!!

A few months later, another crop organizer had received my name from someone and called to see if I was available to vender at her crop in Nassau County.  I, of course, took her up on it and with a help of my friend, brought my craft room to the crop. 90+ scrapbookers in one room, I had hit a goal mine! I set up my tables all ready to do business and guess what, no one approached me until one lady late in the day. That lady, Pat, is still a customer of mine and I still vender for Deborah whenever she asks.

As I was growing slowly, it was steady.  I lined up at home parties, did weekly emails, shared my creations, had weekly classes, held one day events and now I hold weekend retreats. It hasn’t been easy but I haven’t given up. SU! demonstrators are a great support team and will cheer you on!


new orleans 2022


Traveling the USA:

Conventions, Leaderships, Regionals, Onstage, Backstage, it doesn’t matter what Stampin’ Up! calls it – you never want to miss once you go. My very first regional was in Providence, RI. I had never witnessed anything like this. I traveled with friends, got to wear big girl clothes, eat dinner like an adult, meet people from other parts of the country and listened to other demonstrators for ideas, guidance and reassurance. I was so elated to be a part of this.

Once while flying home from an event in Texas, I met a demonstrator, Donna, on the plane. We instantly bonded and when our flight landed, we spent the entire layover talking. To this day, we still talk weekly, give each other pep talks, travel to events and support one another. I have 4 other ladies I travel with too that we have created a lifetime of memories! Thankful is putting it mildly for those who have touched my heart along the way. 


second street stampers


Second Street Stampers:

Finally, my team started to grow, I had team meetings, we traveled together, we supported each other, we were our own little stampin’ family. I never imagined anything like it. I love my team and even though it’s been rough getting us back on track, I still value each and every one. Just recently I ran into one of downlines at the hospital. It was like no time had passed. We hugged, smiled and not going to lie, I fought back tears because of how happy I was to physically see her. I can’t do all the fancy thing that higher ranked demonstrators can do, however, I do my best and I try to be there if they need me. Sharing what I love is greatly missed by me and I am thankfully my team is still a part of me.


Unite and excite


Host and Presenter!

Stampin’ Up! once sent an email to local demonstrators to host an event. I immediately answered and they pretty much immediately answered me back with YES! It was another pivotal moment. I had dreamed of hosting an event and now had the opportunity. My team helped to make it a success and to my surprise someone from home office was attending my event! Donna, was amazing from the moment I picked her up from the airport. We chatted, laughed, did some sight seeing followed by dinner in town. It was like we knew each other forever. From that I was asked to present at local events, PAPER PUMPKIN at leadership! and then selected to be on the Events Council. WOW! When I got the call from Home Office, I literally cried. I loved being up on stage sharing what I loved. 


Greek Isles Incentive Trip

Greek Isles Incentive Trip – The First Olympic

Traveling the world!

Incentive Trips followed and the memories and friendships created on these events are truly remarkable. I look back at pictures and my mindset is to get back at this craft that has brought you so much joy. Yes, I have made a few bad choices that altered my Stampin’ Up! Journey but I never let it go. The trips are amazing as I would never be able to afford on my own and earning them is so more rewarding! Stampin’ Up! does an awesome job at making you feel like a star!

There are so many more moments to share that this could turn into a book, LOL. These memories all have signifiant meaning because of who I shared them with. People from the beginning believing in me, my team, my customers, my friends, my family. I’ve highlighted a few things that have happened during my 20 years. There are always going to be highs and lows but each is worth it.


Thank you for reading. I wanted it to be a little personal about being a demonstrator. It can fit anyone. You can make your journey with Stampin’ Up! just as rewarding as the next person. You are only in competition with yourself. There is no pressure, just support.  

20 years is a rather long time to stay committed to something. My customers always joke it’s cheaper than therapy coming to my home to craft! I have lots of merchandise that I can’t part with, I have a craft room that is full of clutter but I know where everything is and I have a heart that loves to share this product with you. The best part about my business is the lasting relationships that I have formed. 

Do you want to create your own memories with Stampin’ Up!?


join second street stampers


October 3rd-31st, Stampin’ Up! Is running 35% off the starter kit OR add 35% to the starter kit! It’s the perfect time to join. Second Street Stampers wants you! We love having new people come join us!

  • quarterly requirement not due until March 2024!
  • receive new catalogs before customers
  • preorder
  • 20% discount on all items and once qualified receive 25%
  • attend Stampin’ Up events
  • earn an income
  • build your own business, your way!
  • earn cash bonuses, product, training seminars, incentive trips
  • have a network of supporters including me (your biggest cheerleader) whether you are a hobbyist or business builder


Promotion Period: 3–31 October

New demonstrators can choose one of the following options for their Starter Kit:

Option 1: Get 35% OFF the normal cost of a Stampin’ Up! Starter Kit. Those who select this option will receive $125 USD | $165 CAD worth of product for only $64.35 USD | $87.75 CAD!

Option 2: Get 35% MORE product with their Starter Kit. Those who select this option will receive $168.75 USD | $222.75 CAD worth of product by spending $99 USD | $135 CAD!

No matter which option new demonstrators choose for their Starter Kit, both provide you with free business supplies and free shipping on their Starter Kit!


FREE OnStage@Home Registration

It gets better! Those who sign up for a Starter Kit during this offer will also be automatically registered for FREE* to our virtual OnStage event on 11 November—a $77 USD | $102 CAD value!

  • Those who sign up for this offer have the opportunity to watch the event independently, gathered together with other demonstrators, or with their Team Leader.
  • Demonstrators who join during this promotion will be automatically added to the OnStage attendees; they do not need to register separately.
  • Demonstrators who join during this promotion will also receive an email with all the information about this event.

I do love being a part of this company and I never realized when I saw the catalog for the first time what it was all about. It’s so much more than the catalog. Don’t judge the book by it’s cover…I can so relate. I would love to talk to you about joining and helping you start your Stampin’ Up! journey. EVERYONE is welcome from hobbyist to business builder. Each of you matter.

Happy Stampin’



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I would love to help you with your Stampin’ Up! adventure!


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