Paper Pumpkin August 2023 with Alternatives


Paper Pumpkin August 2023 with Alternatives


So I did a thing:

I checked my records and saw many of my customers are NOT subscribers to Paper Pumpkin. It was alarming, not going to lie and thought 2 things.


  • You used to be a subscriber but have suspended your subscription?
  • You became bored with kits?
  • You have red box pile up? (although Paper Pumpkin does mix up the color of the box now)


  • You are not aware of the monthly kits?
  • You haven’t seen how much the kits have improved?
  • You are unaware of the value you put into the exclusive kit?

I sat there for some time realizing, it was time to reintroduce the monthly kits and share the value of them. Today’s post shows the monthly kit projects as is AND I created 5 more cards using the kit pieces. Hopefully, you will be inspired to create with your kit.


The Monthly Kit

DId you know this about the Paper Pumpkin?

  • Stampin’ Up! does send out small hints of what the kit will be but ultimately, you will be delightfully surprised once it arrives in your mailbox!
  • The cut off date to receive the current month’s kit is the 10th.
  • The kit is shipped on or about the 11th of the month.
  • Stampin’ Up! shares a video of the kit several days after the kit is shipped.
  • Being a member, you have access of purchasing refills in my online store.
  • Your subscription is in your control and you may skip a month if needed OR add extra kits. (October is a big extra kit month because the kit is holiday!)



Paper Pumpkin August 2023 with Alternatives


The back of the cards!

This month the card base includes the meaning behind the flower featured on the front of the card. A small touch which is unique and rather interesting! Nice touch with the detail!


Paper Pumpkin August 2023 with Alternatives

Paper Pumpkin August 2023 with Alternatives


The Stampin’ Spot:

Each month, the Paper Pumpkin kit includes a Stampin’ Spot. This 1″ x 1″ ink spot is ideal to use with the kit as well as on future projects. The color is not repeated for one year. The spots travel well so if you are traveling and bringing crafting supplies with you, pack up your spots!


Paper Pumpkin August 2023 with Alternatives


My Monthly Class


Paper Pumpkin August 2023 with Alternatives


My monthly class:

I realize there are many demostrators that share their alternatives that I decided it was time I start sharing mine. My customers have expressed “red box pile up” and ignoring their kits that I knew it was up to me to motivate them to break open their box and CREATE! A few months into this new monthly class, I am enjoying creating new projects with the kit components. The class is open to everyone, you do not need to be local. If you are interested contact me. Zoom and Kits To Go are available.

A closer look:

After making one of each card, I made others using pieces from the kit including the envelopes! I try to show a variety and I hope I have inspired you! Do you have a favorite? I would love to hear if you do!


Paper Pumpkin August 2023 with Alternatives


Update your Subscription

If you are a past subscriber or a NEW subscriber, make sure you log into Paper Pumpkin using this link, Bonnie’s Paper Pumpkin Subscribers, to join or update. Next month it’s all about the holidays! You won’t want to miss it! Here’s a sneak peek!



Thank you!

Just wanted to say thank you for reading through my post and hopefully I have shared with you some ideas about the Paper Pumpkin. I am always here if you have any questions or need help with crafting. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Happy Stampin’



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