REDUCED PRICE on the Starter Kit

WOW! In the 18 years I have been with Stampin’ Up! this is the first time that they have done this! REDUCED PRICE on the Starter Kit by $25 but still receiving $125 in product is UNREAL, UNBELIEVABLE, like WOW!


REDUCED PRICE on the Starter Kit


Build your own kit!

It’s your investment, so it’s YOUR CHOICES on product! Read that again! You select $125 worth of product YOU WANT to build your starter kit! That wish list looks like it may be fulfilled after all! Just head to my Stampin’ Up! Join My Team page and join! Enjoy the perks for being a part of Stampin’ Up! and Second Street Stampers!


REDUCED PRICE on the Starter Kit


Wait there’s more!

  • In addition to your selection of craft supplies, as. a new demonstrator, you will be provided with everything you need to start your Stampin’ Up! business strong.
  • PLUS this too!!! What crafter wouldn’t want everyday discounts, early access to new products, exclusive access to events, and the opportunity to earn additional income and other rewards? It’s kind of the best—but you already know that!


REDUCED PRICE to the Starter Kit


Time to join!

Covid definitely changed the path of many. I for one has seen a big change. I never stopped and it’s hard work to show ups everyday, but I do! I would love to have you on my team as I am constantly loving the new members to bond with existing team members. Your discount starts immediately following receiving your ID. Like I mentioned, I am celebrating 18 year this month and can’t wait for 18 more! I am here to help if you need assistance. $75 for $125 is crazy good and don’t forget FREE SHIPPING on your kit!

Happy Joining!



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Shopping List long?

I would love to help you with your Stampin’ Up! adventure!


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