Holiday Candy Wrappers

With every Bingo Bash Event I hold, I always try to create project involving a treat.  For my Holiday Bingo Bash Event, I shared this simple Holiday Candy Wrappers used on Hershey Bars.  VERY simple to create but oh so cute to share!


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Step by Step!

I tend to make my directions simple.  Many of us are always multi tasking and I really try to narrow down the directions so the project is duplicated not complicated.  I hope that is a good thing for you!  Here are my directions to create your own Hershey Bar Wrapper.

  1. cut your favorite Designer Series Paper 6 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ (one sheet of 12″ x 12″ will create 3 wrappers)
  2. place strong adhesive (tear & tape) on short side (5 1/2″) and along the bottom (6 1/2″)
  3. place candy bar a little more than half way as a guide to fold paper around
  4. fold Designer Series Paper to fit the candy bar (don’t make it too snug)
  5. remove the candy bar
  6. optional – score a few lines where the bar is sealed on the left side
  7. using a hole punch, punch a hole for the ribbon on the right side
  8. cut approximately 21″ of ribbon and thread through the top
  9. place candy bar back into the wrapper, “pushing” the ribbon into the wrapper
  10. tie a knot
  11. decorate the top with stamps and embellishments
  12. pull on ribbon to remove candy bar!


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Holiday Gifts!

Besides making treats for your friends, there are other items to use to create a gift for your friends!  I covered cute little memo books I found at a local dollar store.  Using scrap paper of Designer Series Paper, I was able to make quite a few, add a few embellishments and hand out!  The smiles I received were worth every minute I spent making them!


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Holiday Shopping!

As a reminder, there is still time to shop the Year-End Closeout and Clearance Rack in my online store.  Grab those extra embellishments at a great price so you are ready to create and embellishment your next project! Thank you for all support with my Stampin’ Up! adventure.  It is wonderful sharing what I love to do with you!

Happy Stampin’




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