Snowflake Showcase Snowflake Card

It is almost the end of the month, so many things happening that I have to send out one last reminder about the Snowflake Showcase.  On November 30th, the products included in the Snowflake Showcase will see it’s last day of availability!  The White Velvet Sheets are already gone but there are other products included in the showcase that are a MUST HAVE!  Today my Snowflake Showcase Snowflake Card has 3 products on display!



Pretty Snowfall Thinlits!

I will admit, it took me a bit to embrace the elements in the showcase.  I am sad they are leaving so soon because if you look at my card, how BEAUTIFUL are the Snowfall Thinlits!  There are so many different styles, sizes and shapes to choose from.  I LOVE this collection and I will be using them in the coming months to complete winter projects.  Act fast, because time is running out to add them to your collection of thinlits.


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My Card!

In October, I created a Halloween card using shaving cream to make my background on a card layering piece.  My customers loved the technique so much, I thought why not doing it again on a wintery card.  Each background comes out different, much like a snowflake, no two snowflakes are the same.  I added the largest snowflake thinlit to the card as well as other elements from the Snowfall Thinlits.  As for the words, they are part of the Snow is Glistening Stamp Set and were embossed with White Embossing Powder.  It love how the sentiment pops with the embossing powder.  Of course, I added some ribbon, rhinestones and the Snowflake Trinkets to finish my card!  I know a few of my friends who would love to receive this card and can’t wait to address the envelope!


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Past Video with Shaving Cream Background

Here is the Facebook Live I made on how to use shaving cream and ink refills to create a neat background.  I love how fun it was and love the reaction from everyone who tries it.



Online Extravaganza!

We are in the final two day!  Talk about a fast moving promotion!  Be sure to check out all the goodies on sale for the last 2 days of this year’s Online Extravaganza.  I am sure some of the items I used on my Snowflake Showcase Snowflake Card are included in the 10%.  Grab your shopping list, head to my online store, pick out your favorites and finalize your selection!  I will of course send you a small treat in the mail for shopping with me.

Happy Stampin’




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