Who knew 17 plus years ago I would be the devoted baseball mom.  My oldest son, just finished playing his last Varsity baseball game of the regular season.  Thankfully, the team is heading into the playoffs next week.  Because of Kyle, the O’Neill’s are a baseball family.  As a little boy, he was non-stop wanting to play or watching it on TV.  He is so passionate about it, reminds me of my passion for Stampin’ Up! which makes me smile.  He will be heading off to college in August to play at a D2 school in New Jersey.  We are so proud of him for his devotion to something he truly loves.  Here is our photo taken on Tuesday, May 9th for Senior Day.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing this special moment with you.  I wanted to give you a small glimpse of someone so very dear to my heart.  My baseball boy, Kyle!  The Booster Club arranged to have a poster made for all graduating students.  I think it is a cool souvenir to treasure.

This year he was one of the starting pitchers.  The pictures below are from him pitching the last inning in the final regular season game.  He also plays Second and Third Base.

His last at bat, which resulted in the lead off hit that made his team win the game!

From Little League to Seniors…all have a wonderful future to look forward too!

Don’t you love the attempt of the group selfie!

A picture of their biggest fans!  We all have spent many hours traveling to games, tournaments, lessons, but wouldn’t trade that time in for anything.   A great group of people with a lifetime of memories to cherish.

Good luck in the playoffs!

One of my favorite quotes,  “A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”  In this case, I will treasure this time forever.  Thank you for letting me share.

Have a fantastic Friday!







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