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I am a HUGE fan of Stampin’ Up! ribbon. ( Who am I kidding, I am a fan of everything Stampin’ Up!)  I love the choices, the colors and the WOW factor it adds to many of my creations.  I love to tie bows.  My customers thinks it is funny or maybe I’m slightly obsessed with bow making.  I once shared a card swap I did with other demonstrators with a class and asked them if they could find mine.  Guess what, mine was the only one with ribbon!  So, it was an easy pick!  I often do ribbon splits because I know we want it all!  However, having 10 yards of each may be overwhelming.  My ribbon splits offer 2 yards of each color of the particular ribbon.  If you are interested in a ribbon split, please let me know at bonniestamp@yahoo.com  Additional shipping fees apply.


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